What are the 3 boxes under the “Actions” section in Dibz Search Results used for?

Find out what each of the 3 colored boxes under the Actions section does.


  Go to Search Results by clicking on the second icon in the menu on the upper-left part of your screen. Now that you see the list of all your search results, all the way to the right, you will see the Actions section. Within the Actions section you can see 3 differently colored icons for each of your Dibz searches.

1) The first one is red for active searches, allowing you to archive them; or yellow for the already archived ones, allowing you to restore them to active status.

2) The second, green one, is for downloading the CSV file of that specific search.

3) The last, yellow one, is the Clone option which allows you to again perform that same Dibz search with same keywords and same parameters and basically refresh it.


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