How do I export results in Dibz?

Learn how to download your search results or metrics for the uploaded domains in Dibz.


The middle button from the three rightmost ones in each row of the Search Results page (see screenshot below) with individual searches allows you to download a spreadsheet with the required data, regardless of whether you’ve initiated the search by uploading your document with domains, or by providing the keywords and research type. 

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You can also decide to export individual results (with or without additional metrics) by:

  1. clicking on a search title (or accessing the results page directly through the search URL, or from the client or campaign pages) 
  2. ticking the box next to the results you are interested in, and clicking on the Download CSV button that will appear in the upper left corner as soon as you select the first row (see screenshot below). 

You can also click on the appropriate symbol for the additional metrics you want to retrieve at this point, that you didn’t already order before – for instance, the anchor symbol for top anchors. 


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