Where can I overview the queries I’ve selected before conducting an actual research with Dibz?

Learn how to easily check the queries you’ve selected for the search you are about to conduct (before you actually perform the search).


When conducting a search in Dibz, the first step of the process requires you to fill in the desired keywords you want to target.

Step 2, however, asks you to select the type of the links you want to prospect or upload. Here you will be able to choose the custom queries as well.

In step 3, even though the keywords and research types you’ve selected are no longer visible, there’s a Queries Overview option through which you can quickly check out the selected queries for your upcoming search.

Simply click on the Queries Overview button in the upper right corner of the screen, and the list of your selected queries will pop up for you to see.

NOTE: You can always click on the Previous Step button and go back to step 1 or step 2.


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