What is Date Range in Dibz and where can I select it?

Learn why Date Range option is important and where you can select the desired date range for your Dibz search.


By setting the desired date range you select the specific time period from which you want Dibz to fetch the results. You can set the following date ranges:

  • Any time

  • Past 24 hours

  • Past week

  • Past month

  • Past year

It all depends on your search preferences.

Where to set the date range?

Date range option for your Dibz search occurs in the 3rd step of your search setup process. Date Range selection bar is located right below the TLD selection bar.

See the picture below:

Tip for setting date range

This can be a tricky option, however, as changing the date range can significantly alter your search results, so make sure you always set a proper time frame for your search. Depending on how detailed you want your search to be, you should decrease or increase the time frame of your search.

For example, if you seek specific results and want to track down pages that have been updated in the last month, make sure you opt for the Past Month option, but in this case you might end up with fewer pages in your search results.

Past Year may be the most optimal solution in most cases.


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