What does Dibz do and why should I use it?

Learn what Dibz is capable of and how it can help you improve your link prospecting efforts.


Dibz is a link building/link prospecting/influencer research tool that helps you scrape the Web quickly and find relevant results without almost any manual work.

Our tool helps its users:

  • Find the best prospects for both your various link building campaigns and influencer collaboration;

  • Locate great link building opportunities and have our spam filter separate them from the bad ones;

  • Group all the email contacts in just a few seconds so you can immediately start preparing your outreach campaign;

  • Export and manage your data using CSV;

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For those who do a lot of prospecting, link building, and outreach – Dibz is an amazing solution for everyday troubles. Our utility will help you save a lot of time, so later on you’ll have the luxury of allocating it to other important things related to your SEO campaigns.

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