Who should use Dibz and what are the main advantages of our link prospecting tool?

Learn whom Dibz link prospecting tool is built for and who can benefit the most from using it.


Dibz is quick and easy to use.

With this tool, you can get your hands on select link building opportunities with just a couple of clicks. It practically automates the entire process of link prospecting and gives you the luxury of being able to invest your valuable time and expertise somewhere else.

Simply let our tool do all the tedious link prospecting work for you.

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Whom is Dibz built for?

Dibz works great for independent SEO experts and full-service marketing agencies alike, bur SEO beginners will benefit form it greatly as well.

Our link prospecting utility provides the SEO community with an intelligent solution that eliminates clutter from the equation and significantly improves link prospecting and link building processes.

Find our more about the advantages of SEO in our Learn SEO section.

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