What is “Additional Data” in Dibz?

Learn what “additional data” refers to in Dibz and what you can get apart from prospects.


Regardless of whether you’ve decided to upload a CSV with the domains you want inspected, or you opt for creating a typical search, you can choose to (at the cost of a couple of credits more) retrieve additional data for each of the results returned.

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This data is segmented into three separate groups (see screenshot below), either of which can be selected individually, adding more credits to your bill depending on the number of results.

The first group consists of Ahrefs data regarding the page’s Domain Rating, referring pages and domains; the second also relies on Ahrefs for Top Anchors Data, and the third option provides you with the contact emails of those related to the sites Dibz has found for you, or that you have provided in a CSV file.

Even if you didn’t select any of the additional data when creating a search, you can instruct Dibz to retrieve it later, from the Search Results screen. All you have to do is select the results you want to get the data for, click the Get Additional Data button (which doesn’t show up until you have selected at least one result), and then choose the data segments you are interested in. The selection box will also show the number of credits needed to retrieve the data you requested.

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