Where do I select the type of research? (Step 2 in Dibz)

Learn how to instruct Dibz to look for pages of a certain type.


In this step, our tool will provide you with dozens of preset campaigns to choose from. They consist of several predefined combinations of advanced operators and footprints typical for different kinds of prospects: Local Citations Resources and Links Pages Content Promoters Reviews Giveaways Donations Forums Guest Blogging Blog Commenting Twitter List Search Custom Search All of these listed presets have a number of operator/footprint combinations, which you can remove from your order by unticking the box next to them. You can also decide to supplement your research type with operator/footprint combinations you would add on your own in the custom search field (see screenshot below), or only use the ones you’ve added, without choosing any of the preset research types.

On the right hand side you’ll see:

  • helpful examples and guidelines

  • the maximum number of results the search can yield (assuming the search depth of 30 results for each keyword and operator/footprint combination)

  • example

In other words, you can always calculate the highest potential number of results by multiplying the number of keyword or keyphrase rows provided in the first step by the number of operator/footprint combinations provided in the second, and then multiplying that by the search depth, you’ll choose in the next and final step of the search.

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