Where do I finalize the search and fine-tune additional parameters? (Step 3 in Dibz)

Learn where and how to choose results language, TLD, date range, depth and additional data in Dibz search.


The final step of creating a search in Dibz allows you to adjust the details of your campaign:

  • The language of the results that are to be returned;

  • Top Level Domain extension they need to have;

  • Their date of publishing and depth, i.e. how many search results are considered for each keyword and operator/footprint combination.

NOTE: Be sure to really think about what you want to achieve with your specific campaign before you set your preferences in any of these fields, because every single one of them has the power to significantly alter your results.

After you finish setting all the parameters for your campaigns and selecting the Additional Data you want retrieved, all that remains is to click the “Start Scrape” button in the bottom right, and wait for Dibz to provide you with the results.

It usually takes around 15 minutes for Dibz to finish the job, but this can vary depending on the volume of your search.

When Dibz returns your results (you will get a link via email), you can easily select the ones that you find suitable and export them as a CSV.

Alternatively, you can export the whole results page as a CSV and continue to use it in Excel or Sheets.

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