What kind of results do I get when I select the “Resources and Links Pages” option in Dibz?

Learn which pages are returned when you select the “Resources and Links” Search Type in Dibz.


  In step 2 of your Dibz search process, you can choose the Resources & Links Pages option.

This preset query helps you find sites that list authoritative sources of information. If you think you have something great to share with your fellow experts, this option will help you find the best collections of resources related to the subject your content covers.

Example: You’ve composed a whitepaper and now want to find places to promote it, or have an informative Case Study that could benefit your peers? 

Dibz can help you with this as it searches for the following footprints in order to provide pages which might be suitable to share your work on. 

Some of the available parameters for this option include:

  • inurl:resources OR inurl:”favourite resources” OR inurl:links OR inurl:”favourite links”

  • intitle:”suggested websites” OR intitle:resources OR intitle:”recommended sites”

  • inurl:links intitle:”link resources”


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