What kind of results do I get when I select the “Content Promoters” option in Dibz?

Learn who Content Promoters are and how you can track them down with Dibz.


In step 2 of your Dibz search process, you can choose the Content Promoters option. This preset is designed to help users locate sites where they can promote their existing content.

If you are constantly publishing amazing content that gets no traction because you don’t really have an audience, this option can help you gain traction.

Content Promoters preset search will lead you to the websites that republish the content they find interesting to the target audience and the readership you need, and thus solving your main problem.

The operator/footprint combinations through which this is achieved include:

  • intext:”article syndicated from”

  • intext:”article republished from”

  • intext:”republished from”

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