What is “Custom Search” in Dibz and How Do I Set it Up?

Learn what you can do with the Custom Search option in Dibz.


In step 2 of your Dibz search process, you can choose the Custom option as well. Custom search is an option where users can set their own parameters for Dibz.

Found in the second step of the process, just under the Research Type field, this option is especially useful to more experienced users and those who are perfectly comfortable with the search syntax.

If none of our presets match your ideas and plans, Dibz makes it possible for users to conduct custom searches or supplement our templates with their own parameters. If you want to add to an existing template, first select the desired preset, and then click on the “Custom” button to add your operator/footprint combinations.

Or, if you want to compose all your parameters from the ground up, simply choose the “Custom” option without selecting any of the other research types. Related: Where do I select the type of research? 

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