How Many Keywords Should I Put in to Get Great Results with Dibz?

Learn how many keywords you should be feeding into Dibz, and by doing so, get the most optimal and most useful results.


The best practice is to insert 2 or 3 keywords or keyword phrases. Adding only one keyword may turn out to be insufficient, while overstuffing the keywords (entering much more that 3) will only be counterproductive.

There is no limit on the overall number of keywords or keyword phrases that you can input into single Dibz search, but we strongly recommend that you don’t go berserk when filling them in.

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Dibz does what it does best when you add the optimal number of keywords into its engine per one search.

When entering your keywords into Dibz’ search box, you need to separate them so our tool can know where your first keyword or keyword phrase ends and the next one begins.

To do this, simply hit Enter after each keyword you type into the search box.

See the example below.

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