What is the difference between User and Admin account in Dibz?

Learn which Dibz options are accessible only by Admins and not by Users.


Certain Dibz features, options and settings are available only to the Admin level of account. Here are main differences between these two levels of account:

1. “Account Settings” and “Users

When you hover over your username in the upper left corner in our tool, you can see that Admin level users have “Account Settings” and “Users” options.

In the “Account Settings” screen, admins can manage Account, Subscription and Orders.

In the Account options menu, Admin can edit: company name and website address; in the Subscriptions options menu, Admin can edit subscription details, cancel update and upgrade account; while in the Orders options menu, Admin can check details of subscription (order ID, date, price…)

In the Users option tab, Admin can add/archive/delete/edit/set users roles.

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2. The “Clients” Settings

Though regular users can add clients in the first step of creating a search in Dibz, Admins can access the Clients settings by clicking on the Clients button in the upper left corner in our tool. Here, you are able to edit, archive, delete, or add new clients.

3. The “Campaigns” Settings

Both Users and Admins can add new campaigns in the first step of creating a search in Dibz, while only Admins can access the campaigns settings for each client individually. To do this, simply click on the Clients button in the upper left corner in our tool to navigate to the list of your clients. Now, you can click on each individual client and navigate to all the campaigns that belong to that client. Here you can edit/archive/delete the campaigns, but also add new ones.

4. The “Settings” Option

Unlike regular users, Admins can access the Settings option that is available via the Settings button in the upper left corner in Dibz.

Here, admin can adjust: Spam settings, TLD settings, Research types, and Blacklist.

5. “Search Results” Page Differences

Unlike regular users who can see only their results, Admin can, within the search results page, see previous searches and results conducted by all users. Herem you can also choose individual users via the Users search bar. See screenshot below:

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