Dibz Payment Info for Users with an AppSumo Deal

Learn about the benefits you receive from the AppSumo coupon.


If you’ve purchased your Dibz subscription through our AppSumo deal, one lifetime coupon grants you 20 credits per month for as long as you remain our user. These credits can only be used to pay for the results themselves, in other words, you can’t use them to pay for additional data.

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These lifetime credits do not roll over into the next month, but since your searches are first charged from your lifetime credits pool, and only when they are depleted do you start paying with your regular subscription credits, you would rarely have the chance to save them anyway.

Coupons obtained through this deal will be valid until September 30th, 2019, and cannot be redeemed after that date.

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If you already have free trial credits when you enter your AppSumo coupon, they will be reset to zero, leaving you only with AppSumo credits.

If you’ve purchased two coupons, that means you will have 40 AppSumo credits, which you can use for regular searches, which includes prospects, SPAM and social metrics, but not additional data. If you need access to additional data as well, you’d need to purchase credits through regular subscription. In other words, you’d have to top off your 40 credits from the AppSumo deal with as many credits as you may need for additional data. Additional data for up to 100 results is priced as follows: Ahrefs Data (DR, Ref. Pages and Domains): 0.4 credits Ahrefs Top Anchors: 0.4 credits Contact Emails: 0.6 credits

So, for a search with no additional data, you’d pay 1 AppSumo credit for up to 100 results (if you don’t have AppSumo credits available, regular ones will be used for the search, otherwise, we first charge searches from your AppSumo pool).

If you also want one type of Ahrefs data, you’d be charged 1.4 credits for up to 100 results, 1 credit from the AppSumo pool and 0.4 from the regular subscription. So, to ensure that you’ll be able to get all the data for your 40 AppSumo credits worth of results (up to 4000) you’d need 16 credits from the regular subscription (40×0.4). This goes for other types of data as well, simply multiply the number of AppSumo credits you have with the total cost of the additional data you are interested in (0.4, 0.8, 1 or 1.4 depending on your choice) and you get the amount of regular credits you’ll need.

Of course, you can always choose to disregard additional data, or add your own Ahrefs account from our integrations page, and not have to spend a single credit outside of your AppSumo deal.

If you want to find out more about the terms of the AppSumo deal, or just about Dibz in general, you can watch our AppSumo-hosted Dibz webinar, where we answered most of the common questions about our link prospecting tool.

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