Where Can I See How Many Credits my Current Dibz Search Will Cost?

Learn where to check how many credits you will spend on the current search in Dibz.


The number of credits that will be pulled from your account for each conducted search depends on several factors:

  • Number of keywords you input in step 1

  • Number of parameters you choose in step 2

  • Search depth that you choose in step 3

  • Additional data that you can opt for in step 3 (optional)

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Let’s say you’ve entered 3 keywords in step 1, and you’ve chosen Guest Blogging as your search type. By the default, all of the parameters will be selected at first, and you can deselect some of them if you want (which will decrease the number of credits you will spend accordingly). For the purposes of this example, we will leave them all selected.

You can see that currently you are about to spend 17 credits for this search.

In step 3, you can select different values for search Depth (in this case 40), and add Additional Data parameters, which also affects the overall number of credits this search will cost. For instance, if you choose to include Ahrefs Data within the Additional Data options, the number of credits will increase accordingly, in this case it will jump to 24.

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Similarly, if you choose to include Ahrefs Top anchors, the number will rise even more, in this case it will jump to 31. If, however, you also choose to change the Depth value, your overall number of credits will be altered. If you go lower than 40, the number will decrease; if you go above 40, the number will rise.


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