Basic payment information for Dibz users


Learn all the details related to Dibz payment methods, trial period, credits, additional data, credits top-up, and more…


Dibz Free Trial Info #

You can register without having to provide any card information. Free-Trial lasts 15 days during which period users can spend up to 30 credits free of charge for their initial test of our SEO tool.

However, this first search that you conduct with Dibz will show only the first 25 results, while the rest of the list will be blurred.

Once you decide to officially subscribe to our tool and insert your payment info, you will be charged instantly for the current month.

Note: The amount of credits you spend during your trial period will be charged only after you decide to subscribe to Dibz later on. 

Dibz Credits Info #

1 Dibz credit = 1 Dollar.

Your unspent credits last for 3 months, after which they will expire. If you decide to buy more Dibz credits, our tool will use the newest credits first.

How to Buy More Dibz Credits #

You can buy more Dibz credits at any time. All you need to do is go to Account Settings, click on Subscription, and edit the number of monthly Dibz credits for your account. See screenshots below:

Additional Data Pricing Info #

Dibz uses third-party services (like Ahrefs) to retrieve Additional Data, which is why we charge separately for the searches that include this option. To see beforehand how many credits Additional Data would cost, you can tick the desired Additional Data option(s) in the 3rd step of your search process and see how many credits our tool added to your current search. See screenshots below:

Before Additional Data was added to your search:

After Additional Data was added to your search:

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While this is the only way to get some of the additional data we offer, you can avoid us charging you a single credit for Ahrefs data, if you have an active account with them, which you can easily connect to Dibz.

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