Where to see how much credits will using Additional Data cost for my current search?

Learn how to check how many Dibz credits using Additional Data will cost for your current search.


During the process of creating a new Dibz search, either by uploading a CSV file or by creating a typical Dibz search, you can choose to (at the cost of a couple of credits more) retrieve Additional Data for each of the results returned.

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Additional Data can be added to your search in the 3rd step of the process and is segmented into 3 separate groups (see screenshot below), either of which can be selected individually, adding more credits to your bill depending on the number of results.

Each search conducted in Dibz will cost a different amount of credits depending on: the number of keywords you’ve inserted, the type of search you’ve selected, the number of research phrases you selected, date range, and depth – all this dictating the overall number of results Dibz will return.

The good thing is that our tool lets you see the number of credits that will be taken away for the current search in the Info On This Search section of our interface. See screenshot below:

Now, this number of credits will increase if you decide to include Additional Data parameters in your current search. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you the exact number because it depends on all the other parameters you’ve included for your search and the overall number of results Dibz is about to return.

What you CAN see in real time, however, is how much additional credits you might/will spend by ticking the boxes in front of Additional Data and seeing by how many credits the overall number of credits has increased.

NOTE: you can always untick these boxes if you change your mind about including Additional Data.  

Check out examples below:

This is the search where we used 3 keyword phrases in the first step; opted for Guest Blogging in the 2nd step, and left all the parameters in 3rd step as they are, by default. As you can see, this search in its current form will cost 13 Dibz credits (see previous screenshot).

Now, lets see what happens If you decide to include Ahrefs Additional data, for example (and you haven’t connected your Ahrefs account to Dibz).

You can see that the number of credits has now increased to 19. If you choose to include Ahrefs Top Anchors data as well, the number will jump to 24, and so on… How much does Additional Data cost per 100 websites?

Ahrefs Data (DR, Ref. Pages and Domains): 0.4 credits

Ahrefs Top Anchors: 0.4 credits

Contact Emails: 0.6 credits.

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