What are credits in Dibz, and how do they work?

Learn how much a single credit is worth to you, and what you can do with it.


  Credits are the basic unit of cost in our payment model, with one credit costing $1, regardless of your subscription type. In basic search, i.e. one that isn’t expected to return any additional data that we are charging for (Ahrefs DR, referring pages or domains and top anchors data, or contact emails for prospects), each credit is worth 100 results. In other words, if you create a search meant to return 300 results, and don’t request Dibz to return any of the mentioned metrics, you will be charged 3 credits for that search. However, the same search, with some or all of the additional data selected, will cost more, based on the number of results, and the number of different sets of data you want returned. So, if you want Dibz to also return contact emails for the prospects, the same 300 results will instead cost 5 credits. However, if you have an active account with some of the data providers we use to source additional data – for instance Ahrefs, you can connect your Ahrefs and Dibz accounts, and receive their data along with our results, with no extra charge – again only paying 3 credits for 300 results, but also getting Ahrefs data with your prospects.

You can do this with all levels of usual Ahrefs subscription – Lite, Standard, Advanced and Agency. If you want to know how many data rows you are getting with each subscription, you should visit their pricing page for the most current information, at the time of writing, this are the numbers:

Lite – 50,000 rows Standard – 300,000 rows Advanced – 1 million rows Agency – 5 million rows

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