How do I redeem my Product Hunt Coupon on Dibz, and what do I get out of it?

Learn how to register for Dibz with Product Hunt promo code.


If you have seen our software featured on Product Hunt you might want to register with the promo code provided there.

You can do so by selecting the number of credits and clicking on the Start Free 15 Days Trial Now button on our Pricing page, and then entering the code in the Coupon text box on the Register page.

New Dibz users signing up for this offer are eligible for 50$ worth of credits (i.e. 50 credits), but these credits only become available after the user has made their first payment.

In practice this would look like this:

  • You create a trial account, and choose the number of credits you want for your trial subscription, with the minimum being 5, and the (effective) maximum being 30 (you can select a larger number on the slider, but you’ll only be able to spend 30 during that period).

  • If you didn’t have a Product Hunt promo code, the number of credits you have spent during the trial period would be deducted from your first paid subscription. If you have spent 20 credits during the free trial, and then decide to pay for 40 credits, you would be charged $40 but only receive 20 credits, to settle the difference (naturally, only in the first month). You could actually end up with negative credits this way, if you initially chose the highest free trial subscription amounting to 30 credits, spent all of them, and after the trial ended, decided to subscribe for a lower number, for instance, 10 credits per month – after making your first payment and being retroactively charged for the credits spent during the trial, you would be left with negative 20 credits on your account.

  • However, if you use the Product Hunt coupon during the free trial, once you make your first payment, any credits you’ve spent previously (during the trial period) will instead be deducted from your $50 bonus. Any subsequent searches will first be depleting your pool of these bonus credits, and only start using your paid-for credits once the entire bonus has been spent. So, you have spent 30 credits during the free trial, and now want to start paying for Dibz. If you decide to subscribe for 10 credits per month, as soon as you apply, you’ll receive the 50 bonus credits, minus the 30 you have spent plus the 10 from your subscription, totaling 30 remaining credits.

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