How to connect my Ahrefs account with Dibz

Learn how to connect an existing Ahrefs account and get their data without us charging you.


If you want Dibz to return Ahrefs-provided additional data with your results (DR, Ref. Pages, Domains and Top Anchors) without us charging credits to your subscription, but instead by using up API data rows directly from your active Ahrefs account, you can do so by connecting it.

All you need to do is go to our our Account Settings>API Connections page, and add your Ahrefs account details.

You can do this with all levels of usual Ahrefs subscription – Lite, Standard, Advanced and Agency. If you want to know how many data rows you are getting with each subscription, you should visit their pricing page for the most current information, at the time of writing, these are the numbers:

Lite – 50,000 rows Standard – 300,000 rows Advanced – 1 million rows Agency – 5 million rows

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