Dibz and Adzoola Comparison


Learn how Dibz differs from Adzoola.


Both Dibz and Adzoola are very powerful and useful SEO tools. They both do great jobs in terms of scraping the search engines for handy digital marketing opportunities, however, while Adzoola deals with advertising and videos, Dibz is focused on finding high-quality link building opportunities and tracking down prominent influencers for various niches.

Here are some of the main advantages our tool offers:

Dibz offers free trial without asking for credit card info #

Unlike Adzoola, Dibz provides you with an opportunity to fully test our SEO tool for free before figuring out whether or not you or your company really needs all the benefits we offer. You are free to register for Dibz’ 15-day FREE TRIAL without having to provide us with your card information.

During this period, you can use up to 30 credits in order to test our SEO tool.

Dibz offers more scalable & better optimized pricing models #

Our tools uses a highly optimizable pricing model that you scale according to your current needs. You have the opportunity to buy as many Dibz credits as you need for the current month, while you can also top-up your credits.

1 Dibz Credit = 1 Dollar

This model gives you the much needed scalability and helps you reach high levels of cost-efficiency, especially when you get a hold of how our engine works best in terms of fetching the right results.

We also have a handy Referral Program through which you can snatch additional free credits!

Our search and filtering options are much more sophisticated #

Adzoola uses the keywords you provide to find a list of related websites, which you can then go through and select which ones you want the metrics for. Since the metrics they can return mostly pertain to advertising, they are not available in Dibz, but Dibz offers you much more ways to find these opportunities and to evaluate which ones might be worth getting the Adzoola metrics for. With our proprietary SPAM filter and a range of useful domain quality metrics, even if you are just looking for advertising and not link building opportunities, you might get the best results if you first run the search in Dibz, use our filters to identify the most interesting ones, and then run them through Adzoola to get the advertising metrics that interest you.

The bottom line #

Since Adzoola deals primarily with paid marketing, including ads, social and video advertising, while Dibz focuses mainly on finding link building opportunities for your guest blogging, local citation or other campaigns, the choice which tool will serve your purposes better depends solely on the kind of campaign you are working – paid advertising or link building.

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