Dibz and ScrapeBox Comparison


Learn how Dibz differs from ScrapeBox.


Dibz is a beginner-friendly link prospecting and influencer-finding tool that can help you speed up and boost your SEO endeavors. It allows you to eliminate certain menial tasks that are involved in this process and is – in terms of certain features – a more effective, user-friendly and handy tool than ScrapeBox.

Here’s how.

With Dibz there is no dealing with proxies #

If you are new to SEO, using proxies is often unavoidable in link prospecting and scraping as they make sure Google’s engine doesn’t recognize it is being hit multiple times from the same IP address, especially within a short period of time.

Those who are familiar with SEO workarounds and how the process of grabbing Google data works, know that ScrapeBox requires the use of proxies from your end, which usually means you have to pay for them if you want to make sure you are using quality ones.

This is one of the main advantages of Dibz over ScrapeBox. Our users don’t have to deal with proxies. Decent proxies cost money and can be quite a hassle to find (you have to pay attention to proxy’s speed, price, uptime, success rates, etc), especially if link prospecting and SEO is your bread and butter. With Dibz, you are able to perform searches and get useful results without having to handle this somewhat annoying aspect of scraping.

Also, ScrapeBox may not be the best solution for when you need a quick way to find link building opportunities. Here’s what one of our users had to say about ScrapeBox:

“With SB, you have to plug in your proxies, keywords, footprints, etc. then wait for the results to scrape. With private proxies result scraping is quick but then once it’s done you have to check metrics (requiring an Ahrefs subscription), eliminate spammy sites, etc.”

With Dibz, the entire process is much shorter and simpler

Dibz has customizable pricing #

Though ScrapeBox has a rather competitive pricing plan, our tool features a scalable and optimizable pay-as-you-go pricing model that allows our users to scale their spendings and use credits to pay only for the searches they actually perform. Of course, if you prefer simplicity, there’s also our traditional 3-tier pricing model that features Starter, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

A lot of room for cost optimization, indeed.

Dibz has an internal SPAM algorithm #

Unlike most of our competitors, including ScrapeBox, Dibz features a spam algorithm that analyses 17 different SPAM signals that our users can organize the way they deem fit for their searches and analyses. During the process of analyzing websites, the algorithm takes into consideration data that includes social metrics, domain authority, domain rating, etc; and thus helps our link prospecting tool filter your search results and put them in the following groups:

  1. top quality results

  2. all results

Dibz is more time-efficient and user-friendly for identifying influencers and real growth opportunities

While most similar tools offer an opportunity to only connect you to the data for which you then need to find a potent and efficient way of using, Dibz connects you directly to the influencers you seek and provides tangible growth opportunities.

With Dibz, users can:

1. Scrape Google and track down websites that directly match your ideal target audience

2. Create custom searches, or use our premade research type templates to find the needed linking opportunities, including:

  • Local Citations

  • Resources and Links Pages

  • Content Promoters

  • Reviews

  • Giveaways

  • Donations

  • Forums

  • Guest Blogging

  • Blog Commenting

  • Twitter List Search

  • Custom Search

3. Filter your results by metrics

We offer a wider variety of metrics and filters than our competitors do, as well as more flexibility in how you’ll apply them.

You can form custom searches via our Custom Search Field in which you can supplement your research type by adding operator/footprint combinations of your own choosing. If you prefer using only the operator/footprint combinations you’ve provided, without choosing one of our preset research types, you can do that as well.

To sum up, while ScrapeBox does have certain features that are not available with Dibz, our tool offers a more potent, streamlined and cost-effective link prospecting solution for both experienced SEO experts and for those who are just beginning to scrape the surface of this exciting niche.

Note: A big shout-out to the AppSumo user who goes by the handle Empowermented for giving us a helping hand with this article.

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