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What are the main features of Dibz?
What are the main features of Dibz?

Learn what the most potent features of our SEO tool are

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Dibz is an extremely useful SEO link prospecting tool that can help you find relevant, high-quality sites in just a few steps. Here are some of the most important features that Dibz can boast:

Smart research and data management 

Dibz is a tool that gives you access to data from industry's top providers and allows you to perform smart, fine-grained searches for specific terms. Once Dibz has finished your search, it will inform you with an email containing a link to a table that you can customize and sort by one or more metrics. This enables you to have a better perspective on the quality of your prospects before you decide to move to the next phase and engage.

Custom SPAM Metric and Filtering

In order to filter out only the top-drawer link prospects, Dibz uses Spam Factor - a custom metric created to help you filter out the irrelevant prospects. Based on numerous prospect features, spam filter generates a special quality grade for each search result.

Convenient Prospect Contact Retrieval

Dibz tries to retrieve contact information for each website in the results list. Using various web API's along with our in-house algorithm, we help you discover and create a list of contact emails that you can use in your SEO campaign. 

Features Customization

Some of our paid plans include the ability to alter predefined app parameters, like Spam Filter, in case you need a higher level of customization and more granular control over your search results.

Dibz Speaks your Language

Dibz offers multilingual searches and results, which means it is highly useful to those performing local prospecting and link building campaigns. With our tool you can perform searches in both your own and in foreign languages - and thus get more relevant results for your local link building campaigns. 

Check out our Learn SEO section to find out more about the importance of Search Engine Optimization. 

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