What is the maximum number of results I can get from a single search in Dibz?

Learn how many results Dibz is able to fetch in a single search.


Technically, there’s no limit on the number of results that you can get within one search.

However, we can give you the ballpark when it comes to the optimal number.

Since the optimal number of keywords to insert into one Dibz search is 2 to 3, and let’s say that you’ve opted for the maximum depth of your search: 100, and the optimal number of operators is 3 to 4 – the overall number of results you will get is from 600 to 1200.

Basically, the maximal number of results for a particular search is obtained by multiplying the number of rows in the keywords field (Step 1 of your Dibz search) by the number of advanced parameters (Step 2), and then by the search depth.

So, a search with 3 keywords, combined with 5 search parameters (operator/footprint combinations) and a depth of 50 results would return, at max, 3x5x50 = 750 results.


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