How can I get more results in Dibz?

Learn how to get more results from Dibz.


There are several different factors that determine the number of results Dibz will fetch for you in a single search.

  1. First of all, there’s the number of keywords you input during the first step of the process. However, even though there’s no actual limit on the number of keywords you can enter, we recommend typing in 2 to 3 relevant keywords in order to get the most relevant results.

2) Secondly, there’s the number of research parameters you can select for that particular research type. You can select the research phrases in the second step of your search process. 3) Finally, in the 3rd step, you can choose the depth (results per query) and date range for your search.

Depth ranges from 10 to 100, while the date ranges you can choose from include:

  • Any time

  • Past 24 hours

  • Past week

  • Past month

  • Past year


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