How to manage users in Dibz?

How to add and remove all users that are attached to a single account in Dibz?


Note: This option is only available to those with admin accounts

Log into Dibz, click on the user name (whatever name you’ve used to create your account it Dibz) in the top right corner of your screen, and select the “Users” option from the dropdown menu.

There, just below the main headline on the left, you’ll see the “+ Create new” option. If you want to add a new user to your account, all you have to do is click on that button and fill in the details. When it comes to managing or removing users, you can do that by clicking on the correct icon next to the desired name on your users lists. By clicking on the little green icon that has a pencil on it, you can change the role of specific users. You can reward them with an admin status, or you can limit their options and assign them to be just “users’ of your account.

If a particular user is no longer active, you can archive its searches by selecting the second icon in the row. That way, you won’t complete remove all the data that has been conducted by that particular user under your account.

If you want to complete remove a user from your account and delete all its searches, press on the last icon in the row, the one that looks like a bin.


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